#RocketPower – Best NFL Fits for Woodside

By AF, Toledo Football Beat Writer

Not sure if you’ve heard, but tonight is the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Allegedly Baker Mayfield is going to go number 1 overall to the Browns (LOL), but we all know who the best quarterback in this draft class is. He’s not Darnold or Rosen, not Allen or Mayfield, not Jackson or Rudolph. That’s right, he’s Logan f**king Woodside.

You didn’t really think I forgot about the GOAT, did you?! If you’re scoffing at this article for saying Woodside is the GOAT, then shame on you. The kid LIT IT UP at UT. But you know the stats. I force fed them to you every single week during last season (MAC Champs in case you forgot). So you know how great Logan Woodside is. You know about the leadership, the accuracy, the intelligence. You know about the work ethic, the pocket presence, and the natural talent too. So where does the QB that has it all fit the best in the NFL? I have been thinking about it and there are a few situations into which I think Woodside could fall that would benefit him immensely. Let’s get into it.

New England Patriots

First of all, this hurts me to list as an option. My disdain for the Patriots runs deep in my veins. But, in all honesty, what better situation for Woodside than to learn from the actual GOAT of quarterbacks? That’s right. Brian Hoyer. Obviously joking. Tom Brady is the best there ever was. Brady knows how to dissect a defense. He doesn’t launch bombs as often as some other guys in the league. He uses the offense to his advantage and exposes the defense’s weakness. Woodside did that quite a bit at Toledo. Find the hole and expose it for four quarters. You’d also be surrounded by experienced guys and some of the best coaching in the league. Perfect situation for a guy to learn how the league works. Look at Jimmy G and Jacoby Brissett. They’re both doing pretty well. You have to attribute some of that to mentorship, I’d say. Woodside is the perfect guy for that organization too. He just shows up, does his job, and figures out how to do it better the next day. Gotta respect that, and New England does. Don’t be surprised if the Patriots take a flyer out on Woodside if he’s available in later rounds. They have a pretty empty QB room right now.

New Orleans Saints

Similar to New England, the Saints have an incredibly smart, talented, successful veteran at QB in Drew Brees. Also a guy who was knocked for his size throughout his career and coming into the league, Brees would be able to help Woodside develop skills that helped Brees find continued success including a Super Bowl victory. The backups in New Orleans right now are Tom Savage and Taysom Hill. We all know Savage isn’t anything special from his time in Houston, and Hill is unproven. Brees signed a two-year deal and is currently 39 years old. Perfect amount of time to let Woodside learn the ropes of Sean Payton’s system. Plus Woodside would have a strong running game to support him and a young top tier receiver in Michael Thomas. Imagine a Woodside-Thomas-Kamara offensive three-headed monster. Horrifying for defenses. Not to mention that New Orleans defense is young and hungry enough to back up Woodside and always keep the Saints in games. I love this fit for Woodside.

Philadelphia Eagles

This is a longshot, but hear me out. The Eagles restructured Nick Foles’ contract this offseason after his MVP performance leading them to the Super Bowl win over New England (thank God). His contract was shackling him to the Eagles basically. Now it’s not. He’ll probably be gone after next season to start somewhere else instead of back up Carson Wentz. Nate Sudfeld is the only other QB on the roster, and he’s not turning any heads. I think the brilliance of Doug Pederson offensively would be able to put together a system that works to Woodside’s strengths, similar to what he did with Foles when Wentz got hurt. Wentz is obviously a bigger body than Woodside, but the schemes in which Wentz has thrived so far in Philly would also work out for Woodside. There’s a good enough running back group behind him, veteran talented wideouts and a stud tight end to whom to spread the ball around, and that offensive line is one of the best in football. Woodside battled the elements playing in northwest Ohio, so he can handle the Philly cold, sleet, snow, and rain without a doubt. With Pederson coaching him up and Wentz giving some valuable mentorship despite being young, Woodside could thrive in Philly.

Pittsburgh Steelers

I will admit that this is totally selfish on my behalf. If Woodside goes to the Steelers, I’ll freak out a little bit. Granted, I think Pittsburgh has a “type” when it comes to quarterbacks, and that type is big guys with big arms like Roethlisberger. Landry Jones isn’t small either, and despite being awful at quarterback, the Steelers keep him around. But Woodside has that playmaking ability that would mesh well with the Steelers offense. He’s a film junkie too. Great football acumen and excellent leader. Both qualities that Roethlisberger has. And I think Woodside would be able to distribute the ball well to guys like Brown, Bell, Juju, and the tight ends. He was spectacular at distributing while at Toledo often times throwing to seven or eight different guys in a game. His field vision is high level and he’s good at reading defenses to find the holes. That’s perfect when you have guys like Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Woodside knows how to work with great receiving running backs. He played with Kareem Hunt and Terry Swanson at UT. And the way Ben loves going shotgun and no huddle would fit with Woodside as well since Woodside thrived in those situations at Toledo. I have black and gold colored glasses on with this one, but I do think it would be a natural fit as long as Woodside got to learn from Ben and not Landry Jones.

Realistically, Woodside would fit well on any team in the league because he’s that damn good. I firmly believe that. McShay has Woodside listed as his 10th best QB in this class which is an absolute JOKE. One NFL scout said Woodside had a better collegiate career than Josh Allen. Another said Woodside would be a late 1st or early 2nd round pick if he were a few inches taller. It’s time to prove the haters wrong. I hope Woodside takes this league by storm and shows everyone what the Rocket faithful have known for years. Woodside is the real deal. Time to steal the show.

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