Rocket Power: Week 6

By AF, Toledo Football Beat Writer

Another week has gone by and, you guessed it, Toledo Football didn’t lose. Ok so they were on a bye. Semantics. After the loss to #14 Miami, the Rockets got a week off to practice, study film, and drink dollar domestics at Jed’s – the usual week for a Toledo Rocket. MAC conference play begins this week for Toledo. It’s also Homecoming in Rocket Land and it’s a noon kickoff, so expect Rocket Hall parking lot to be bonkers before 8am.


Anyway, Eastern Michigan is this year’s homecoming sacrificial lamb. Toledo welcomes in the Eagles who are already 0-1 in MAC play after a loss to Ohio University. Overall, EMU is 2-2 on the year. They’ve beaten a lowly, embarrassing Rutgers team that honestly shouldn’t even be in the Big Ten and barely lost to a 4-1 Kentucky team that has turned some heads this year so far. But don’t get it twisted. Eastern Michigan is the equivalent of when your dog drags its ass across your carpet. I mean, hell, their LEADING rusher, Shaq Vann, has just 186 total rushing yards on the season through four games. In fact, Toledo’s Terry Swanson has more yards rushing by himself than the entire Eastern Michigan committee of running backs. Tough sledding for the 119th-ranked (LOL) EMU rushing attack. I expect Toledo’s defense to stifle any offense Eastern throws their way relatively easily. EMU’s quarterback, Brogan Roback (seriously), has barely over 1000 yards on the year, a QBR of 45.8 (that’s bad – Woodside’s is 83.4), and only THREE passing touchdowns. Woodside had 3 vs the #14 team in the country alone. EMU is also only 113th in the country in Points For at 20 per game. It’s hard to keep up with the Rockets when you can’t hit paydirt as well as 112 other teams. For comparison, Toledo is 13th in the country at 41.5 points per game. Literally 100 teams between Toledo and Eastern.


Eastern’s defense is where they hang their hats. They are tied for 19th in the country in points against at 17.8. They haven’t faced an offense as dominant as Toledo’s yet though. Woodside, Thompson, and Swanson are coming off a full week’s rest and hungry after the Miami loss. The #WoodsideForHeisman campaign is ready to pick back up. You think after picking apart an ACC, nationally ranked defense, Woodside is going to lay an egg against the likes of Eastern f**king Michigan?! Get real. I also expect Cody Thompson to have himself a day. After all, it’s homecoming. Everybody wants to ball out in front of the Rocket faithful past and present. That 17.8 points allowed per game for Eastern is about to take a serious hit.


I am fully expecting Toledo to have a race to the MAC championship with Western Michigan this year. The Rockets face off against Western on 11/24. Barring any surprising losses along the way by either team, that game should be for a trip to Detroit. That being said, this week’s victim is Eastern Michigan. Time to send the Eagles back to Ypsilanti (what a dumbass city name) with an L.



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