Rocket Power: Week 3

By AF, Toledo Football Correspondent 

Toledo football took the field in the Glass Bowl this week against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. This game was not for the faint of heart and wound up being Toledo’s toughest test of the season thus far. Tulsa came out of the gates hot with a 21-7 1st quarter and went into halftime with a 28-14 lead. Do you think Coach Jason Candle was going to just sit back and let the Rockets squander their College Football Playoff aspirations?! Hell no. Toledo came out and outscored the Golden Showers Hurricane 22-9 to head into the 4th quarter only down 1, 37-36. Then, Toledo went ahead and won the 4th quarter because they are not only more mentally tough than Tulsa, but also just better, and won the game on a last second field goal by Jameson Vest. Final score: 54-51.

The Logan Woodside for Heisman campaign continued on Saturday as well. Woodside had 22 completions on 33 attempts for 458 yards and 6 TDs. FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT ¬†YARDS AND SIX GOD DAMN TOUCHDOWNS. His QBR (major football nerd stat) was 92.8 out of 100. Translation: Woodside picked Tulsa apart like the Heisman-caliber field general that he is. On the ground, Terry Swanson did the usual Terry Swanson things and had 139 yards on 19 carries with one touchdown. Art Thompkins added 12 more rushes for 83 yards. The best receiver in the country, Cody Thompson, showed up Saturday as well. Toledo is going to start charging him room and board for living in the endzone at the Glass Bowl. He had 9 receptions for 178 yards and 3 touchdowns. Just give the guy the Biletnikoff Award now. Dionte Johnson added two more receiving touchdowns on 4 receptions for 142 yards, and Danzel McKinley-Lewis had 2 catches for 83 yards and 1 score. Toledo gashed the Golden Hurricane defense for 679 total yards and 7 total scores. Attention MAC stadiums: your scoreboards aren’t safe. They will be lit up. The Rockets turned the Golden Hurricane into the plastic tropical storm when all was said and done.

One little, tiny, baby concern is the rushing defense as Tulsa accumulated over 400 yards rushing, but the Golden Irma ran the ball 68 times (1 rush away from a “nice” rushing attack). If you run the ball 68 times, then I don’t give a shit how many yards you have. Toledo’s defense is still not to be f**ked with and I won’t be convinced otherwise.

This week brings the Rockets a real test. The U has invited the Toledo Rockets to Coral Gables. I’m speaking directly to the NCAA here – you are real toolbags for having Toledo face two hurricanes in a row. Maybe Toledo Football is FEMA’s new hurricane defense system. Just gonna take them down one by one until our coasts are safe and can rebuild. Anyway, Miami is ranked #14 in the country despite having their game cancelled last week due to Irma. Can’t handle a taste of their own medicine I guess. Miami is the favorite at this point to win their division of the ACC (the weak ass bitch division) and people claim that Georgia reject, Mark Richt, is bringing that program back to some prestige. Maybe they should shy away from that considering at their peak, everyone thought they were a bunch of assholes. Congrats on having one of your most celebrated alums, Ray Lewis, kill someone. And don’t tell me he didn’t do it either. If you feed me that crap, then you probably think OJ didn’t chop his wife up either. OH and don’t forget 2003 when the Buckeyes beat you in the Fiesta Bowl and won the National Championship. You suck against Ohio and Toledo will continue that tradition.

Miami has a dumb roster with starters whose names I can’t really make fun of. That being said, Toledo and Miami boast similar averages on the year across the board. The difference is Toledo fought a hurricane in week 3 while Miami ran away from one. Toughness is an intangible that can’t be taught. Miami clearly doesn’t have it. If you don’t think Coach Candle is going to have the Rockets hype beyond belief for this game, you’re nuts. Toledo is that team that a ranked squad doesn’t want to face. This has upset city written all over it. That dumbass on Miami who put the gold chain on in week 1 better leave that shit at home before his neck turns green. Look for the Rockets to win this one and not need a last second field goal to do so. Time to expose Miami as a fake swag, fraud football team. Woodside, Swanson, Thompson & Co. will run wild like Hulkamania against the Hurricanes this week. Book it.


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