Rocket Power – Week 3 vs The U

By AF, Toledo Football Beat Writer

Welcome to the post-bye week edition of #RocketPower! It was odd having the Rockets commit a borderline hate crime against VMI and then have no follow up game, but here we are. Two full weeks of preparation for the biggest game of the year. But before I get into that, let’s briefly highlight some of Toledo’s game against VMI.

I won’t bludgeon you to death with stats, but Toledo’s game against VMI was basically a video game performance. Imagine firing up the Xbox 360, popping in NCAA 14, and playing on varsity. That’s what Toledo did against VMI. Toledo had over 600 yards of offense. Mitch “The Godfather” Guadagni went 11-16 for 265 yards and 3 TDs and added four rushes for 20 yards.
Mitch “The Godfather” Guadagni

If you ran the ball at all for Toledo in this game, you had a chance of scoring. Five rushing touchdowns for the Rockets including two from Koback and two from Seymour. Cody Thompson, Jon’Vea Johnson, and Diontae Johnson all racked up a combined 208 receiving yards and 3 TDs. Mr. Do It All Cody Thompson also added a Sportscenter highlight reel punt block touchdown that you would have missed if you blinked.
punt block
Cody Thompson blocks punt for TD against VMI

The Toledo defense was stifling as well recording two interceptions, four sacks, and 9 tackles for loss in the game. Jameson Vest had 12 points himself going 9 for 9 on PATs and making a 29 yard field goal as well. It was a nice little warmup game to kick off the season in front of the home crowd in preparation for the looming test in week 3.
Jameson Vest last season against The U

The U is coming to the Glass Bowl after struggling through 3.5 quarters against Toledo in Miami last year. Miami played Savannah State last week and won 77-0 after starting the season embarrassingly flat against LSU and losing 33-17 without putting up much of a fight. Miami’s QB Malik Rosier on the year has a sub-.500 completion percentage for under 400 yards and only 3 touchdowns to 2 INTs. The Godfather, on the other hand, has zero INTs on the year and just as many touchdowns in half as many games. Translation – Mitch > Malik. Here’s my list of more threatening “canes” than The U: Florence, the Carolina Hurricanes, candy canes, my grandpa’s cane, Kane from WWE, Raising Cane’s, and Harry Kane (in no particular order). Somehow, Miami is a 10.5-point favorite in this game. It’s purely Power 5 conference bias. Miami is egregiously overrated and will be exposed on Saturday for the frauds that they are. The turnover chain is tarnished and turning players’ necks green. Bet the Roth IRA on the Rockets this weekend and retire early. Before last week’s game against the sisters of the blind, err Savannah State, Miami had lost 4 straight games by no less than 10 points going back to last season. Toledo’s only loss in their last 5 games was the game we don’t discuss because it was dumb and that team almost beat Penn State so SHUT UP.

Senior linebacker Tyler Taafe told The Blade, “This is a top-10 program historically. The opportunity we have is pretty amazing.” The opportunity to upset The U and effectively ruin their season is in our midst. If the Rockets can play within themselves and try to limit the mistakes, there is major upset potential here. Rocket Nation will be hype for this game too. I expect the Glass Bowl to be rockin’ by the time the noon kickoff rolls around. I can almost guarantee Miami is overlooking the talent this Rockets team has. And they are absolutely undervaluing the atmosphere at the Glass Bowl. It’s time to take the next step and take down a ranked Power 5 school. No doubt in my mind it’s possible. Go Rockets.


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