Rocket Power – Week 13

By AF, Toledo Football Beat Writer

First things first (I’m the realest), I apologize for missing a week of the Rocket Power series. Quite frankly, I had a lot going on and didn’t get a chance to put it together. That being said, it was the Battle of I-75 against that team down south, so I didn’t think it was that big of a deal since BG SUCKS.

And suck they certainly did against the Toledo Rockets last week. It was absolutely glorious. BG actually redefined what it means to be a trash football team in just four quarters. Maybe they should stick to, uh wait, is BG good at anything? I don’t think so. Toledo’s rushing attack eviscerated Bowling Green’s defense for 389 yards. I shit you not, Toledo ran for almost 400 yards against BG. Terry Swanson did the heavy lifting rushing for 192 yards on 23 carries, and Shakif Seymour (The Next Big Thing) had himself a DAY getting into the endzone FIVE times on 12 carries. Five touchdowns. Hope you had him on your fantasy team this week. Senior walk-on Brad Smith added a rushing touchdown which warmed everyone’s heart a little bit, and Art Thompkins added another score on an 88 yard scamper. SEVEN rushing touchdowns for the Rockets. In the illustrious words of the Legion of Doom, “WHAT A RRRRRRUSH!” What’s crazy is UT would have had over 400 yards r ushing if not for a 13 yard loss by Michael Julian. Bravo, BG. You set defensive football back by about 200 years in this one. Toledo emasculated BG 66-37.


After a poor showing defensively against OU (which we won’t discuss in great detail), the Rockets defense had a chip on their shoulder heading into this one. The pass defense got beat on a couple big plays that inflated BG’s passing stats a bit, but on the ground, BG was held to just 82 yards rushing as a team. And the only rushing touchdown allowed was by the backups because Jason Candle decided to show a little mercy on the dirty birds. Toledo NEEDED a bounce back performance defensively like this. I’m glad they were able to take out their frustrations on a lowly BG team.


In honor of Toledo beating BG for the EIGHTH straight season, I decided to compile a list of things that were happening last time BG beat Toledo in football.

  • “Fireflies” by Owl City was number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart
  • I was a freshman in college
  • Current freshmen at Toledo and BG were in 5th grade
  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon was the #1 box office film
  • Obama was in his first year as POTUS
  • Brady Quinn was the Browns’ starting quarterback
  • OctoMom was the oddly popular celebrity of the year according to TIME

Strange times indeed.

And of course, your #WoodsideForHeisman update. Woodside didn’t really have to do much since Swanson, Seymour & Co. did most of the work, but he still went 13/18 for 232 yards and 2 touchdowns with 0 interceptions. That brings his season stats to 3151 yards, 22 touchdowns, and just 2 interceptions. I also would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that against the current #2 team in the country, Miami, Woodside was 28/48 for 342 yards and 3 touchdowns. That was in Miami, by the way. Anyway, back to today. Woodside is not only a great athlete, but also a great leader. Guys like Baker Mayfield are out there acting like jackasses while Woodside just does his job and calls it a day. If I were a member of the Heisman committee, I’d want someone like Logan Woodside representing me over some Johnny Football wannabe. As far as Saquon Barkley goes, he had back to back terrible games. Not the kind of consistency you want from a Heisman trophy winner. Woodside has performed exceptionally well all season long AND beat his rival (something Barkley didn’t do). Seems to me like Woodside is the only viable option for the Heisman at this point.

woodside bg.jpg

This week, the Rockets welcome the team that clown PJ Fleck abandoned, Western Michigan, to the Glass Bowl. Kickoff is at 11:30am on Friday, so you can watch it after you get home from the insanity of Black Friday shopping. No better way to unwind and eat Thanksgiving leftovers than by watching Toledo carve up another MAC team. Let’s just hope the tryptophan is out of the Rockets systems by kickoff. Western Michigan does pose somewhat of a threat to the Rockets. They have a very balanced offense and have done well running the ball this year. I’m sure they’ll watch a lot of tape from the OU game to try to find holes in the vaunted Rockets defense. Don’t worry. They won’t find any. However, this WMU team did hang tough with USC for a while in the first week of the season and Michigan State the following week. Both of those games were on the road as well. On the other hand, Western has lost to Central Michigan, Northern Illinois, AND Akron – all teams Toledo has beaten. This is a 5 loss team coming to the Glass Bowl. Toledo has to come into this game focused. Win and they’re in the MAC Championship against Akron. They can’t have another end of the season letdown. Take care of business and let’s get ready for the ‘ship.



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