Rocket Power – Game 6 vs Eastern Michigan

By AF, Toledo Football Beat Writer

Another Toledo Homecoming in the books which means another win for the Toledo Rockets this past weekend. What’s even sweeter is that the Rockets’ third win of the year came as a result of a Battle of I-75 beatdown of the BG Falcons. I mean this in the meanest way possible – BG absolutely sucks at football. Their coach blamed everyone except for himself for the program’s struggles in a press conference, but at the end of the day, he and the players at that miserable disgrace of an institution just aren’t good at football. NINE straight wins over BG for Toledo. It’s pathetic. But enough about how dismal BGSTD is. Let’s look at how amazing the Rockets were during the 2018 Homecoming Game at the Glass Bowl.

The Godfather didn’t play in this one as he was recovering from the aftershocks of the injury sustained at Fresno State. Thus began the first chapter of The Book of Eli (Eli Peters, that is). Peters lit up the Falcon defense for three touchdowns, one apiece to Cody Thompson, Diontae Johnson, and Reggie Gilliam. Toledo was focused on giving Peters a lot of support in his first start rushing 44 times as a team for 288 yards and 4 touchdowns. BG’s rush defense is FALCON terrible, if I do say so myself. The Rockets’ leading rusher was the big man on campus, Shakif Seymour, who racked up over 100 yards on 18 carries. Bryant Koback continued to shine for the Rockets as well adding 11 carries for 90 yards and THREE touchdowns. Koback has had immediate impact on this Rockets offense after transferring from Kentucky in the offseason. Kid’s a grade A stud. Art Thompkins added another 11 carries for 78 yards and a score as well. Through the air, Cody Thompson had 6 catches for 78 yards and a touchdown aka business as usual for the future pro. Johnson & Johnson combined for 5 catches for 63 yards as well. I love the Rockets offense so damn much. I wish NCAA Football video games still existed (duh, I know you do too) just so I could play as Toledo and score a bajillion points. But part of me wishes The Godfather had played in this one. Either way, Mike Jinks and BG are definitely swimmin’ with the fishes.

Bryant Koback scores one of his three touchdowns vs BG

Defensively, the Rockets were the Rockets. They gave up 32 points and 481 total yards to the Falcons which isn’t very good. I hate that I have to be hard on the Rockets defense, especially since the offense is obviously capable of outscoring literally anyone, but someone has to do it. Someone has to be the guy that says, “hey Toledo defense, you need to pick your shit up and shut some people down!” I’m willing to be that guy. You think Buffalo isn’t going to bring the heat this year? Toledo needs to win every game to get to Detroit. NO room for error. Anyway, it’s a good thing BG’s defense is an unmitigated disaster. This game was close for a while until the offense pulled away.

That brings us to this week atEastern Michigan and their lame ass gray field. I have no idea if The Godfather is going to start or not because I’m not a doctor. It could be Chapter 2 from the Book of Eli. Whoever starts at QB for Toledo will emerge victorious though. Eastern hasn’t won since September 8th (over a month ago) and has lost 4 straight. But they’ve all been close games if you believe in moral victories (I don’t). Eastern’s QB, Tyler “Gretchen” Wiegers is getting zero candygrams in this game. His stats are heavily inflated by two outlier performances to start the season. The last four weeks, Wiegers has only thrown for over 100 yards one time in a triple overtime loss against Northern Illinois. Translation – he’s not very good. Shaq Vann is the leading rusher on the year for the Eagles. On the year, he hasn’t had a single 100 yard rushing game though. Hopefully that trend continues this weekend. The Eastern Michigan offense doesn’t light up too many scoreboards, so the Rockets defense should be able to keep the Eagles in check on Saturday.

ESPN has the Rockets with a 51.9% chance of victory in this game. Apparently the statisticians and analysts at ESPN are all Eastern Michigan grads because that’s the only way that percentage makes any sense. Toledo is the better team across the board. Don’t expect the Rockets to get the yips in Ypsilanti this weekend. Rockets -1?! Is that a joke? Zero respect from the bookmakers. Slap in the face. Expect a double digit Rockets victory in this one. Steamroll city.


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