I Hate the Sister Jean Spectacle

By AF, Sister Jean hater

By now, you probably know who Sister Jean is. She has taken the sports world by storm as the face of the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers. Every time the Ramblers have played in this year’s NCAA Tournament, Sister Jean has been shown on tv no less than what feels like 769 times. Did Sister Jean fill out a bracket?! You bet she did! She even had her Ramblers in the Sweet 16! Oh boy! But then she had them losing?! Even though they won?! Wow how silly! Shucks, well at least her school is doing great and she’s having a grand old time!

No. Stop it.

I hate the spectacle surrounding Sister Jean. I have since the Ramblers’ first game. This is going to sound insanely snowflake-ish, but I don’t care. I don’t understand why a 90-year-old woman is being talked about more than the actual players and coach out there winning games. Can you name a player on Loyola-Chicago without googling? What about their coach? If you can, then great. But most people probably can’t. And that’s a shame because they’ve busted their asses all year to earn a 32-5 record, a conference championship, and 3 straight upsets (or 4 if you really want to consider the Miami win an upset)  to get to the Final Four. But no. It has to be about the old lady that goes to the games because everybody needs to love a figurehead! Utterly ridiculous.

I’ve been told by a few people that I’m a bad person for not liking Sister Jean. I can live with that. I think the entire dog and pony show surrounding her is way overblown. I saw posts on social media today about how her press conference at the Final Four had considerably more media members than a player’s presser at the same time.

Media at Sister Jean’s Press Conference

Media at Marques Townes’ Press Conference, held at same time as Sister Jean’s (Townes hit game winning 3 to send Loyola-Chicago to Elite Eight)

Now that’s a damn shame. Everybody wants a soundbite or funny quip these days. Nobody wants to report about the actual story anymore. It’s disappointing. This kid is pouring his heart and soul into the game and nobody gives him the time of day. Why the hell is Sister Jean even having a presser anyway?

Maybe I am just a grumpy curmudgeon. Maybe I have zero reason to dislike Sister Jean at all. I’m sure she’s a nice lady. But I’m tired of seeing her all over my television. She has nothing to do with the Ramblers making the Final Four. She’s not shooting game winners, she’s not upsetting power 5 schools, she’s not drawing up plays. She’s just there watching basketball. You gonna make a big ordeal out of the older Loyola-Chicago alum/staffer sitting in section 204? No? Then stop forcefeeding me Sister Jean nonsense every 3 minutes.

It hurts me to say this, but I hope TTUN beats the holy hell out of Loyola-Chicago this weekend. It’s time for the clock to strike midnight on Cinderella. After all, Sister Jean is probably missing a Murder, She Wrote marathon or something anyway.

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