I hate my life: Browns week 8 review

By Shawn Shawn, Season Ticket Holder

Happy Birthday to me. This week the Browns travelled to London to get their fucking doors blown off before noon and not ruin my entire day. There is officially nothing I can say about this team that I haven’t already. The defense is solid but they get gassed by the third quarter of every game because Clevelands offense can’t sustain a drive to save their lives. Cleveland had the lead heading into the third for the first time all season (thats not sarcasm thats a fucking fact that I actually looked up). Sad. That lead was quickly erased in typical Browns fashion as Isaiah Crowell fumbled on the first play of the second half. It was almost like Cleveland was so uncomfortable leading a football game that their heads just exploded and everything went down hill from there.

This has to be the worst offensive team ever assembled, especially with Duke Johnson not in the football game.  I hate, hate, hate Isaiah Crowell still being the lead running back for Cleveland; I don’t understand how him stumbling through the hole for 2 yards 15 times a game is the direction Hue Jackson wants to continue going. I’ve never seen Crowell make a guy miss, or even break a tackle for that matter. Duke Johnson is absolutely the offense’s ONLY playmaker and he doesn’t see the field nearly enough.

There has been a lot of talk this week about Cleveland passing on Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz and I completely understand where fans are coming from, however, this Cleveland team is no where near as skilled as the teams they were drafted to. I’m not saying they wouldn’t be better options right now, and it sucks to see them completely dominate the NFL knowing they could be Clevelands QB, but who would they be throwing to? Cleveland doesn’t have a Deandre Hopkins, they don’t have a Zach Ertz or a Alshon Jeffery. You can’t tell me that with this WR core Wentz or Watson would be doing as well as they are now, it’s just impossible. It’s sad too, I used to think we were a QB away from being a contender and I still believe Clevelands defense IS good enough to be a contender. But the offense has more holes in it than I can even fathom, and now Cleveland also needs to add Left Tackle to the list of needs because Joe Thomas is 400 years old, hurt, and probably retiring.


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