Colt40’s 2018 MLB Picks You Can Take to the Bank!

By Colt40, Beyond Pumped Baseball is Back

With Opening Day upon us, I thought it might be worthwhile to share with all of you some of my baseball genius and bring you some GUARANTEED picks for this upcoming season. Check them out below:

AL West

Winner- Houston Astros

Come on now this one is obvious. The Mariners and Angels will both finish with winning records but no one in this division is prepared top to bottom to take on Houston and challenge them for their crown. And don’t be surprised when Jose Altuve is in the AL MVP talks yet again this year when he bats around .350 for the season. The real question is if Verlander still has what it takes to produce day in and day out for an entire season.

AL East

Winner- New York Yankees

This race with Boston is going to come down to the very end this year. I like Boston’s pitching situation over NY’s but it’s hard to argue with the lineup NY has put together this year. When I say this one will be close I mean decided by 2 games at the most, potentially even a tie breaker situation.  And I think we all know the team record for homeruns in a season has a good chance of being broken this year to top it all off.

AL Central

Winner- Cleveland Indians

No surprises here. Only thing to watch for in this division is if Chicago can come on as a wildcard threat and if the Twins have any sort of regression after some say they overachieved last season.

NL West

Winner- Dodgers

As much as I want to pick Colorado for the west I would be stupid to pick against the Dodgers.

1. Kershaw

2. Jansen closing out games

3. Offense offense offense. They have so much of it that Joc Pederson doesn’t even start anymore.

NL Central

Winners- Cubs

I know, no surprise here. St. Louis is bouncing back but they don’t have the fire power to take down the still loaded with talent Cubs. This team has everything it takes to become a dynasty. And this year could be the next step in cementing that legacy. Also the Reds are my pick for worst record in the MLB this year with virtually no hope in sight.

NL East

Winner- Washington Nationals

The top of this division not much has changed, the Nationals are going to bulldoze their way to the postseason supported by great pitching, youth, hitting and by now a chip on their shoulder to finally make it to the World Series. But the rest of this division I think has the makings of being the most interesting in baseball. The Mets have signed anyone they can get their hands on including Jay Bruce and Todd Frazer. Plus they have Syndergaard, DeGrom, Matz and Harvey which is as good a rotation as any. The only worry for this team is father time. The Braves have been quietly rebuilding including rookie of the year favorite Ronald Acuna Jr. along with other big time players Freeman and Swanson. Even the Phillies have put in some effort this off season with signings of Carlos Santana and the late signing of Jake Arrieta. Look for the Braves and Phillies to both finish over .500 if even only for the reason they are in the same division as dumpster fires Cincy and Miami.

AL Wildcards

Angels and Redsox

With the Redsox winning the play in game and sending Mike Trout home yet again without any real playoff experience.

NL Wildcards

Rockies and Mets

With the Rockies winning the play in game. The Mets have all the pitching in the world and that could be their main shot of winning this matchup but in a sudden death game look for Colorado’s deeper offense to be the difference.

AL Playoffs

Yankees over Redsox

Indians over Astros

NL Playoffs

Cubs over Rockies

Nationals over Dodgers

AL Final

Indians over Yankees in 7

NL Final

Nationals over Cubs in 6

World Series

Indians over Nationals in 5

… A man can dream can’t he?

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