Browns Week Six Review

By Shawn Shawn, Season Ticket Holder

That’s it, I’m ready to say it, this is by far the worst football team I have seen since the 2016-17 Cleveland Browns. They are fucking terrible in every facet of the game. I have to go all the way back to the 2015-16 Cleveland Browns to find a team this pathetic. Hue Jackson is begging to get fired, at least that is the excuse I’m giving him because I don’t want to believe he is this incompetent.

Starting Kevin Hogan alone could get Hue fired, it’s not that I think Kevin is the reason for the Browns loss this Sunday but I can’t find the reasoning behind it no matter where I look. He doesn’t have the arm strength of Kizer, he doesn’t have the size, he doesn’t have the cool name. Kevin is a very run of the mill name for those keeping score at home. He just isn’t the future, I’m fine with losing (I’m a browns season ticket holder for fuck sake of course I’m fine with losing”  but I’m only fine with losing if Cleveland is showing some sort of upside. I would rather watch the Browns go 0-16 this year with Kizer than win one game with Hogan and go into the offseason not knowing the future of the quarterback position AGAIN.

If someone can give me one good reason why Duke Johnson isn’t our number one running back I would be willing to listen. It seems he is Clevelands only playmaker and he makes things happen in the running game that Crowell just can’t. I haven’t seen one thing on the football field that Crowell does better than Duke and the positive plays Crow has I wonder what Duke would have done with them. He’s the only player on the field that gives me any hope when he has the ball.

Myles Garrett is good at football, I will not be talking about him any further for fear of the Browns jinx.

Trade Joe Thomas, for his sake, for my sake, for the sake of all things holy. It’s like the Browns are keeping a Ferrari in the garage while they drive the Honda to work everyday, sure its cool that you own one, but if you aren’t putting it to use SELL IT. I would much rather get another first round pick that the front office can fuck up instead of watching Joe Thomas get CTE right in front of my eyes with only 12 career wins under his belt.

I will also not be commenting on how the Browns could have drafted Deshaun Watson because the analysts of today’s game made that very clear. So this is me not bringing up the fact that Deshaun Watson passed Kurt Warner for most touchdowns of a first year player through six games.  I’ll also not bring up how he leads the league in touchdown passes this year.

I hate my life.

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