Browns Recap – Week 6 Review, or 7 who really cares anymore

By Shawn Shawn, Season Ticket Holder

I’m gonna admit I don’t have many jobs here at 4thebabydotcom but one of them is to watch and review the browns every week. Some would say this job they have given me is even shittier than my day job (Shout out Roto-Rooter, not affiliated with this website for good reason) but I failed this Sunday; I didn’t watch a single second of the game, I didn’t watch a single highlight either and let me tell you something, my Sunday was glorious. Without the three plus hours of misery and ineptitude to drag me down I managed to have a great Sunday full of zero disappointment. I golfed, had a great outing drank some beers and pretended for just one weekend that football, at least Cleveland football, didn’t exist.

If it weren’t for Twitter I wouldn’t have a clue what even happened during the game, so my review is really just what I read from the folks I follow. Apparently it was a defensive battle or an offensive struggle for the Browns (its hard to tell the difference). If Cleveland’s defense plays a great football game, which it sounds like they did, it doesn’t mean that the Browns are going to win it just means the game will be low scoring. And it was. A 12-9 Final in the NFL these days means neither team could get their head out of their own ass (something I’m used to from the Browns), but it was nice of the Titans to match the horrible offensive play through  4 quarters and give Cleveland room for irrational hope.

From what I understand the game ended exactly the way you would expect, a game winning field goal from a team not named the Cleveland Browns. I also understand the kicker missed the first field goal try before Hue tried to “Ice” him. Pretty standard. (Editor’s note- I originally thought the same thing and some people think it was the minute warning but whatever, semantics). Hue, or any other NFL head coach that is reading this and I’m sure there are a few, please do away with “Icing” the kicker. While they may look like average dudes they are still professional athletes and 9 times out of 10 all icing does is give them a practice kick from exactly the spot on the field that they will be attempting the game winner from. This isn’t high school when a 17 year old kid has his heart in his throat and the timeout gives him more time to contemplate if running off the field and quitting would be easier than attempting that field goal with the game on the line.  These guys do this shit everyday. So of course dude knocked it in on the second attempt and the Browns loss. Color me shocked.

One actual game note that did mean something on Sunday was the injury to Joe Thomas, since Sunday news has came out that he’s going to require season ending surgery and his career may also be in jeopardy. I’ve joked about Joe being the reason the Browns lose because he’s been there for so long and they have never won, but all joking aside this is sad as fuck. The man dedicated his entire HOF career to Cleveland and he deserves better, he deserves to win, he deserves to make the playoffs at least once in his career. If this really is the end for Joe in the NFL its a tough way to go out. A true professional and a guy that no matter what was going on, no matter how many coaches, QBs, GMs he had to play with or for, he came out every Sunday and gave it his all. I can’t imagine a Sunday without him suiting up in a Cleveland uniform, so if this is the end for him- Thank you Joe! Sorry Cleveland will probably win a super bowl the year after you retire but, such is life. (another shoutout to the 09 state team that won a year after I retired ???)

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