Back on our bullshit

By Pat Vegas

Look, I know the sites content has been historically inconsistent. We go through periods where we’re putting out stuff like wannabe actual bloggers, then drop off a cliff and don’t post for months at a time. The most recent “hiatus” took us from October 2018 – this afternoon when I put out a blog by Shawn that was riddled with spelling / grammar errors (typical Shawn blog).

For the past couple of months the site actually died due to a problem with an outdated WordPress plugin that I didn’t have the technical know-how / time / real motivation to fix.

And just so we’re clear.. I don’t want to lie and make some broad proclamation that “this is it, THIS is the time we commit to the site and get back on schedule”. The fact of the matter is life happens and other stuff can and does make priority. That being said, I have honestly missed having an outlet for creative writing online and to engage with you, our small but mighty, audience. So will you get some more content / blogs / podcasts out of us? Most likely. Will there be periods of downtime where you might not hear from us? More likely. I’ve talked to the guys and we’re all on the same page that we missed this (and all of you).

So here’s some good news- we have some new ideas for fresh (video?) content so keep an eye out for that. If we can’t make frequent posts we’ll at least try and make them good. Love y’all.

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